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Our new electronic mail room system will pay for itself within a year. Documents are processed faster so we can get mail to solicitors two hours earlier. We are avoiding duplication as there is no need to scan and circulate paper documents as before, and administrative staf...
Tracey Sherrard
head of business change - Drydens Lawyers
Drydens Lawyers

mstore in law

  • Speedier mailroom processing: mstore can significantly reduce time, effort and revenue spent on processes such as the sorting and distribution of mail.
  • User access controls: limit user access to sensitive documents, or even specific sections of a document.
  • Security: mstore automatically records who has viewed information and how often whilst also tracking document modifications and other activity.
  • Accessibility: Any document can be speedily attached to an mstore case file, including emails and audio files.
  • Reduced need for storage: Electronic files take up less space than paper, reducing your need for storage space. 
  • Decreased copy and print volumes: As a result of a reduction in the circulation of paper documents within the workplace, helping you to meet your sustainability goals.
  • Disaster recovery: Documents are protected from damage and loss through fire, theft, malicious intent and flood.
  • Efficiency: Working with electronic documents instead of paper reduces the time associated with filing, retrieving, processing and sharing files.

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