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Storing our accounts payable documents electronically has eliminated human error, is saving time and has given us more control over our processes.
Ian George
finance director - 151 Products
151 Products

mstore in finance

  • Streamlining purchase-to-pay systems: reduce costs, improve cash flow and complete processes faster.
  • Reduced duplication: mstore integrates with your existing systems, databases and specific financial software packages to link related documents together, wherever they are saved, and place them at your fingertips. 
  • Upload and save documents: into other software packages and systems using mstore.
  • Linking all your P2P documents: Reference and work with all your purchase orders, goods received notes, purchase invoices, remittance advices and related documents using mstore.
  • Security: mstore automatically records who has viewed information and how often whilst also tracking document modifications without deleting original files.  
  • Controlled user access: Different users can be given different levels of access giving you a high level of security and protecting records from loss.
  • Accessibility: Any document can be attached to an mstore record, including emails, creating an efficient way to share documents, preventing loss and providing a greater level of control.
  • Decreased copy and print volumes: As a result of a reduction in the circulation of paper documents within the workplace, helping you to meet your sustainability goals.
  • Disaster recovery: Documents are protected from loss through fire, theft and flood.
  • Efficiency: Working with electronic documents instead of paper reduces the time assciated with filing, retrieving, processing and sharing files.

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