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Every letter, every email, every document about a student is now scanned in, including transfer documents from a student’s former primary school. It is a really simple system – our admin staff just needed one morning of training on mstore software.
Tina McGuffie
office manager - The Grange Comprehensive
Tina McGuffie

mstore in education

  • Legal compliance: mstore helps you to comply with legislation such as BS10008, the Freedom of Information Act 2000, Data protection Act 1998 and Public Records Acts 1958/1967.
  • Safeguarding: mstore automatically records who has viewed information and how often whilst also tracking document modifications without deleting original files.  In addition, different users can be given different levels of access giving you a high level of security and protecting records from loss.
  • Accessibility: Any document can be attached to an mstore record, including emails. Records are kept together in one central location, creating an efficient way to share documents, preventing loss and providing a greater level of control.
  • Document retention and archiving:  mstore records and flags up document expiry dates, ensuring all records are up to date for audits, including OFSTED inspections. Documents that have reached the end of their retention period can be flagged for deletion, reducing the time required to manually sort and archive paper records. 
  • Decreased copy and print volumes: As a result of a reduction in the circulation of paper documents within the workplace, helping you to meet your sustainability goals.
  • Disaster recovery: Documents are protected from loss through fire, theft and flood.
  • Efficiency: Working with electronic documents instead of paper reduces the time assciated with filing, retrieving, processing and sharing files.

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