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Case Studies


AtlasFram Group

190,000 paper invoices a year is an awful lot of paper. It was everywhere and it certainly made hard work of locating records. Now it’s all electronic our lives are a great deal easier! It’s difficult to talk about return on investment in simple financial terms. mstore has made our lives so much easier and that is worth a great deal to us. Repetitive tasks that allowed for error have been removed and in every way mstore has delivered.


Owen clark, it manager, mrc transmark_250pix

MRC Transmark

Without mstore we would need to employ around 30 people worldwide to collate all the correct documents for every product we ship. The system enables us to deliver what customers need – and ensure they don’t go elsewhere



Hull and East Yorkshire Credit Union

It’s quick and easy to file and retrieve documents so we can answer queries and work through processes speedily. The system also helps us with security and preventing filing errors.



The Grange Comprehensive, Runcorn

Every letter, every email, every document about a student is now scanned in, including transfer documents from a student’s former primary school. It is a really simple system – our admin staff just needed one morning of training on mstore software.



Drydens Lawyers

Our new electronic mail room system will pay for itself within a year. Documents are processed faster so we can get mail to solicitors two hours earlier. We are avoiding duplication as there is no need to scan and circulate paper documents as before, and administrative staff are freed up to do other jobs.



Reed Boardall

mstore has been installed seamlessly, I’ve been very impressed. We are in control of all our documentation, have improved our processes and greatly improved our service to customers


St wilfrids school logo ws

St Wilfrid's Catholic School and Sixth Form College

Seven of us worked non-stop for about three weeks to clear our archive, scanning and shredding paper documents that were previously stored in 15 filing cabinets. Indexing documents in mstore is quick and simple as we can scan paper in batches. Now we are working to encourage staff to use mstore instead of printing and filing – because we no longer have a facility to store the paper.




we had a batch of 22,000 forms that we would previously have paid for a third party to process. However, we find mstore so quick and easy to use that we have saved money by processing the paperwork in-house. We are now looking to roll it into other areas of our business, including supporter correspondence.



Leeds Building Society

By far the biggest improvement is in customer service, exactly where we wanted the results. We are processing applications faster and customers’ waiting time has reduced. Files can be called up instantly and everyone knows where documents are on the system.



151 Products

Storing our accounts payable documents electronically has eliminated human error, is saving time and has given us more control over our processes.



York High School

mstore has made the processing of our pupil records much more efficient. We’ve gained valuable time and storage space, we are dealing with less paper and we feel confident that our documents are very secure.



Archerdale Ltd

Archerdale Ltd is a Yorkshire based manufacturer and distributor of fasteners, tools and castings. The rapid growth of the business within a highly competitive industry is attributed to various factors including quick and accurate service response and rapid delivery times. These are both areas where mstore is believed to have made a positive and significant impact.


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